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Friday, December 27th 2013, 11:07pm

Looking for Group -- Beach Party

The Rules:

  • Please read and respect the RP-rules here and the following short instructions.
  • Everybody who has created an approved Character Description here can be part of it and join at any time with his or her character.
  • But these characters have to be tinies of course ;) The giantesses will be played by the GatC Staff.
  • We want to maintain a certain quality of the RP. So only "good" posts will be reacted to. A simple "hi i want to worship you" will not be considered :( Posts that are rude/rauchy and/or extremely low quality X( will be summarily removed.
  • Do not harm or insult anybody in any way :) we all want to be friends - and do not offend the giantesses by asking for sexual actions ^^
  • NO REMOTE CONTROL! Please only describe your OWN actions, not the actions of other characters and especially not the actions of the giantesses!
  • AND: NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO DIE HERE :D Death-scenes by crushing, eating, or any other lethal actions will be STRICTLY IGNORED

The Story:

The giant aliens have spent the previous day 'working' hard, crushing buildings in the New Dystopia Construction Zone, in cold, miserable, rainy weather. The storm passed during the night and when the new day dawns it promises to be warm and sunny and just perfect for a day at the beach. So the giant girls (and their teacher) all head for the beach to spend a relaxing day with their tiny human friends and anyone else who wants to come and meet them. They wake up early in their tent and prepare to head out for their day of fun in the sun . . .

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Saturday, December 28th 2013, 12:12am

I wake up early in the morning, after crashing on my couch the other night. The cause of this sudden alarm was my cat that decided to curl up on my face. With a sigh, I speak, "Stupid cat. What time is it? Five to eight... OH GAWD. Well, I was gonna go to the beach anyway, so lets get up." I stand up and walks to the kitchen for breakfast.

"OK, now that I've eaten and had myself a drink... Time to get my stuff." I walk upstairs and put my towel and sun-cream in my bag, put on my swimming trunks.

"OK! I have my stuff. The beach opens at 9:00 am, its 8:27 am now, its a 30 minute bike-ride. I am just gonna go. Only thing left is a note to 'mum' and 'dad'." I hang my note on the fridge, grab my bike and just goes off. I ride on and start thinking to myself, "I'm lucky most of it is down hill, but the way back is gonna be a pain..."

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Saturday, December 28th 2013, 12:37am

It's 8:33am and swimming towards the shore from out at sea. ''hhhmmm looks like a can see a couple of giantess's in the distance already' but can't see which ones they are though as I am still quite far away from the beach''. I have been swimming for nearly an hour now from 'aniika island' a place I stayed overnight to meet a few old friends who have been camping there for 2 years.
I let out some gassy farts and increase swimming speed 0.27% while aheading towards this beach
s-a.harrington :cursing: :thumbsup:


Saturday, December 28th 2013, 7:04am

After a long flight to New dystopia and a few pleasant hours sleep at the hotel I'm rested and even the jetlag has disappeared. I made the trip after I had left my girlfriend. I just had to get away, just get out of the everyday life, experience something new and try to forget.

even in germany was reported about the arrivial of the giant girls and after had seen them in tv i thought

`that must be fate that they arrive at the same time on our world, at the same time where I must pursue a new life cycle`

with this thought is switched the tv in my hotel room on and flicked a little through the programms. then suddenly i stop switching as i saw the girls on the news.

`they are on the way to the beach!!!`

as fast as i can I get dressed, grab a few beach things and call the reception

" i need a taxi to the beach, now!!!"

during the taxi ride some doubt comes over me

`what if the girls are too busy to meet me, what if they don`t like or even notice me`

with this feelings i finally arrive the beach and quickly find a good place. there are only a few people here good place there are only a few people here in the early morning

`thats increase my chances that they will notice me`

i sit down on my towel, cream me and start to wait for the girls. :whistling:

Nickson van D.

kewl title some other people got

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Saturday, December 28th 2013, 2:04pm

It's been a while since Nickson took a ride on his motorcycle. So many things had happened and he himself had also changed. Nickson wasn't sure how he could become just as cold and profit-oriented like his father, although he tried so hard to avoid this fate. He looked inside his glass and took another gulp.

Monsieur van Duesenberg ? The Drenics are on their way to the beach. You could be there in about 15 minutes, oui ?

Gaston, Nicksons personal assistant, ripped him out of his thoughts. He liked the Frenchman, one of these employees you could get wasted with.

Sounds good to me ! And don't let Mr.Dickins know that I'm on my way.... I like to hit people unarmed...

Very well monsieur !

Nickson turned off his phone and got back on the bike. Getting too drunk now would only end in another disaster. As he made his way, Nickson could feel the stares of people walking by on him. He had to admit, a midget on his custom-made motorcycle may have looked a bit odd. He didn't care, all he could think of was Mr. Dickins and the new bar now.

Let's see how his little idea with the giant cocktail glass turned out...


Saturday, December 28th 2013, 6:32pm

It's early in the morning, and I exit from my flat under a beautiful hot sun. What a night! I was an olive in a giant shaker, when Sally has picked me up between her fingers it was a relief. I've told her I needed to go home to change my clothes and she has put me on the ground near to my kitty. I was already feeling better. And now, after a ride and a shower, I feel like I've slept for 12 hours. Dresses in swimsuit, my classic red t-shirt with the logo of my bike, sunglasses and sneakers, it's like I'm 20 again. Ready for a wonderful day at the beach with my wonderful Girl!

She waits for me at the tent to bring me to the sea with her on her massive shoulders, the VIP entrance, better to hurry. I take my phone and type a text to Sally. "Watch your feet darling, a red bug is coming!" I caress the tank of my bike. "Don't be jealous Kitty, we'll have another ride tomorrow. Today is Sally's turn." Nothing in the world could ruin this day, that's for sure.

"Hello Goto. How is your vacation going?" I put down the helmet and I turn towards the well known voice. A pretty girl is in front of me, she works in my same club and she lives not far from me. She is beautiful with her long blonde hair and her blue eyes, she reminds me of Scarlett a bit. A small child is near to her, curl blonde hair and blue eyes too. I give them an annoyed look.
"Oh, hi Maddy. Vacations are always too short, but it's ok. I'm ready for the beach today."
"Yes, with that giant alien girl. We've seen you in television."

I roll my eyes. "Yes, something like that. Now, I really have to..."
"I need to ask you a favour for today. Can you take care of my daughter for some hours? She would love to go to the sea!"
I open my eyes wide. " have a daughter?"
She clearly makes a big effort not to laugh. "Yes, since seven years. Say hello to uncle Goto!"
"Hello uncle Goto!"

It takes a few seconds for me to regain from the surprise. "Oh, uh, but I've never... I mean, I don't even know how children are made." I look doubtful at the small child. "Uh, and what's your name, cute little child?"
I look at the mother with a desperate face. "Don't you have one with a normal name?"
She laughs. "You are always funny! Her name comes from ancient Greece, and she is very proud of it."
"But now we are in modern America! Seriously, I cannot take care of a child with a name I can't even remember. I'm sorry."
She rolls her eyes, then smiles. "It's only for a few hours, you don't want to deny a small favour to me, don't you?"
"I..." Her lips sticks to mine in a long wet kiss that leaves me breathless. When I open my eyes again she is looking at me with a triumphant smile, and almost immediately she crouches near to her daughter. "Obey to uncle Goto, ok Laudomia? Always ask him. Your games and snacks are in your backpack."
"Yes mom!"
"I... I... I..."
"Thank you very much Goto, you are an angel. Call me if you need something. See you later. And thanks again."
"I... mean... no problem...."

She quickly walks away, leaving me with her small daughter looking up at me with her big eyes. *SIGH* I'm not able to handle a normal-sized Scarlett, which chances I have against the giant one? I take my phone again. "Always watch your feet but I'm a bit late. A small problem. I'm leaving now." I send the text to Sally, then I turn my attention towards the little child. "Ok, first I'm not your uncle, Then, let's find an helmet for you..."
Age: 28
Height: 1,86m (6ft 1inch)
Job: Barman and bouncer in a shabby night club
Clothes: Random
Talents: Apart from fighting? Driving motorbikes, making drinks.
Defects: Ignorant, rude, penniless, disillusioned.
Personality: Ironic, aggressive, jealous, paranoid. Helpful and loyal with friends. Hates injustices.


Sunday, December 29th 2013, 7:16am

I awoke with a start as the bus seemed to come to stop and I sleepily sat up in my seat and let out a soft yawn. I looked towards the window and immediately squinted my eyes as they adjusted to the sunlight. I could see several massive buildings which let me know the bus had indeed arrived in New Dystopia. I quickly stood up and grabbed the small bag that I owned and proceeded to exit the bus. New Dystopia was huge and I was only on the outskirts of the city. I took a moment to take it all in and realized that if by some chance this Kara girl that was supposedly my sister had come would be incredibly difficult to find her in an entire city full of people. I picked a direction and began walking as I opened my bag and looked inside. I had a few changes of clothes, a white bikini that I used when I went swimming in the pool at the orphanage, a switchblade, 20 dollars, and the picture of my supposed sister. It wasn't exactly a goodie bag of survival, but I learned a long time ago to make due with what I had. As I continued walking it wasn't long before I found a section of the city that wasn't so full of buildings and looking over the horizon I could see the gigantic tent that the alien arrivals had pitched as thier living area. It looked massive as it was and I was looking at it from probably what was almost the other side of the city so up close the tent and one of these girls for that matter, must be the size of a mountain to me if not bigger. The tent would have been an interesting place and interesting people surely would go near there.....

(Then again.....who says my sister is interesting), I thought to myself with a shrug.

I knew I needed to find a closer starting point for my journey. I saw a map of the city propped up on the sidewalk of one of the streets and walked over to take a look at it. After studying it for a moment I quickly noted that there was a beach nearby......Summersun Beach. I smiled a bit.....I knew a beach was full of people and I wasn't exactly thrilled about being in such a crowded place, but a little time in the sun sounded like fun and I had heard from the stories the owner of the Orphanage used to tell me that there was always yummy food of some kind to be found on a beach. I only had 20 dollars, but that should be more than enough to at least get me something to eat.....afterwards however things would be much more difficult.

With another shrug I began walking in the direction of the beach wondering if maybe by some impossible chance that my sister was actually there. The odds were more than stacked against me, but I had to start my search somewhere....might as well be a beach.
Name: Angela Kensington
Age: 18
Looks and attire: see Avatar
Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Weight: 105 pounds
Attitude: Kind, distrustful at first, calm, sarcastic.
Hobbies: Reading and working out as well as sports.
Strengths: Agile, resourceful, can be very stealthy
Weakness: No fighting skills, Loner childhood makes it difficult for her to grow attached to people.

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Sunday, December 29th 2013, 12:55pm

"Phew" I breath out as I climb out of the car. "You've got one shot at this, screw this up and it's back to writing catalog copy on the 3rd floor." I dust off my hat push it down onto my head in a determined fashion. The fedora is worn like all of my clothing, artifacts of I time when I dressed "smart" and was busing between publishers trying to sell novels, writing advertising copy for years has a way of draining the life outta ya you know? It's still pre dawn but I had to get here first, before the more experienced press caught onto what might be happening today. How do you even find out that a group of kilometer tall alien visitors are planning to go to the beach for a day? Well my source apparently got wind and with a quick phone call to an annoyed editor I was able to get a car to the beach. The Drenics were still big news, but the more experienced reporters were starting to drift back to politics and celebrity gossip as the visitors became more permanent fixtures in New Dystopia. Most of the juniors were staking out the park and their camp site, heck I'd kill to be covering that rather than the best Santa hats for the holiday season. But with this tip I may have a break, I might be able to get the drop on the TV news and other outlets and cover the aliens outing here without government interference.
I walk up a sand dune overlooking the main beach area, the widest beach on earth apparently, to see the first slivers of sunlight poke out from behind the horizon. Never much of a beach person but sunrises are lovely, and with the flat expanse of sand beyond the view is uninterrupted and glorious. I check my camera, first rule of photography is to have the equipment fully charged before you go out. AND have a spare battery pack just in case. Wide Angle lens, check. Spare SD card, check. Press pass, newly laminated and check.
This was a stake out, a waiting game. I needed to be in the right place at the right time to cover this ahead of everyone else. I need to be in the right place at the right time to actually meet one of the visitors, and interview would help my carer. But talking to one of our peaceful visitors was more than just about my paycheck, it was about meeting an alien for the first time! It was about affirming to everyone that we are not alone and the universe isn't as dark and dangerous as we would like to think...
RP Stuff

Name: Bill Williams

Age: 28

Profession: Author


Sunday, December 29th 2013, 11:51pm

Anarchy stands leaned against a wall out side of a hanger where his team was resting after finally being pulled off the girls, he stood outside enjoying a cigar (something he rarely did) and watching the sun rise over the mountains. "Lovely sun rise isn't it" a voice said behind him , "Sure is" Anarchy replied without turning around, he already knew who was approaching him. A stern looking man walked up and leaned on the wall next to him. "Last time i saw you smoke one of those was after you got back from 4 months in the horn of africa" the man said observingly, Anarchy smiled still starting at the sun rise "what can I do for you colonel" Anarchy asked. "Well son i've got some good news and some bad news", the men stood outside and talked for about an hour.

Crash lay asleep on his cot inside the hanger when suddenly he was awoken by Deuce shaking him, "Hey mate boss wants the three of us outside" Deuce said to Crash as he pulled him up to a sitting position, Crash rubbed his eyes and looked around the room the only people who were up was Deuce, Dusty and himself while the rest of the team layed there asleep in there cots, Crash moved over and sat on the side of the cot "What the hell does he want" he said with a yawn.

As the three of them approached the hanger doorAnarchy put out his cigar and pointed to a briefing room and ushered them inside, "whats going on man" Crash asked Anarchy as they all sat down at the table in the middle of the room, "something came down the pipe, drug lord is mobalizing something and higher wants to send in a small team to intercept", Anarchy spent the next 15 minutes briefing on the mission, "should be a quick snatch and grab" Anarchy said finalizing his brief. "Well thats all well and good, but why are we getting put on this our team is on rest cycle we have 3 weeks off" Crash said a little upset, "Well thats the bad part, were the only team in quick visinity of the target, to mobalize another team to this area would take an entire day and the target maybe gone by then" Anarchy said lighting a cigaret. Crash sat there and looked at Dust and Deuce who seemed just as confused as he did, and then it hit him "Boss you never said exactly where this hit was going down at" Crash said already knowing the answer. Anarchy took a long drag of his cigaret and then smiled a big toothy smile at Crash before exhailing "You still got the key to the apartment safe house in New Dystopia", "You gotta be kidding me mate were going back there" Dusty questioned, Anarchy turned and looked at his lead sniper "Yup were going back" he answered, Crash heard these words and let his forehead fall smack into the table. "Fuck" Crash said.
Name: Crash

Age: 26

Hight: 6' 0"


Hair/Beard: Brownish red

From: Ireland


Tuesday, December 31st 2013, 12:52am

The light of a new day was already brightening up the tent as Scarlett's eyes opened. After staying up a little late last night, talking about boys with her friends, she had been worried she would oversleep and miss out on all the fun at the beach! It was stil early, however, and she felt surprisingly refreshed and ready to go.

Excitement instantly started building inside of her. She'd been looking forward to this for quite a while now and knew that many of the tinies had as well. After all, who could resist the idea of this planet's golden Goddess in swim wear?

She rubbed her eyes clean of sleep and sat up in her bed. Some of the other girls were already up and getting ready, while some of them were still fast asleep. Oh well, more beach for her! Before setting about her morning routine and getting ready though, she checked in on her tiny guests. The cheeky little things had been sneaking around the tent in the night so she'd secured them somewhere 'safe' where they couldn't cause any more trouble.

Her finger lifted up the lid to one of her many jewellery boxes. This velvet lined one contained two rather chunky and round blue earrings with a silver chained necklace to match, along with two of her other tiny precious belongings - Gabriel her lustful Latino and Jay her athletic admirer. As the light streamed in and their tiny eyes scrunched up to shield themselves, she smiled.

"Hello, boys. Ready for a big day?"

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Monday, January 6th 2014, 5:52am

Comrade captain, we have reached destination should I inform moscow?
Not yet. All hands to battle stations. Periscope depth!
Aye aye, Periscope depth (alarms sounding)
Let's see what we got he..... GOD DAMMIT! were too close to the beach!
Comrade captain, acording to navigation we are at least 10 miles away from the beach.
That can not be! there is a girl 100 feet or less from the ship! Mesure our distance, one ping only.
That can not be true....
check again!
But... it is!
Inform Moscow.
Yes comrade captain
Wait... is that? No, that can not be. Julia?! what a small world!!!
Comrade captain, Moscow orders us to make contact with the girls on the beach. Must be a malfunction, I'll check again...
No, they confirmed we are to go offshore
Well... let's not dissapoint them!
Attention all hands, to cerimonial uniforms, we're going offshore, by Moscow's orders to meet some girls. I'm not kidding and that's an order and an official mission, so don't do anything embarassing.
(crew's cheering)
Get us up! 1/4 speed forward

I'm comming Julia!... I'm comming...

Submarine raising

Age: 28
Height: 187cm
Hair: brown
Eyes: Blue
Look: Handsomely sexy and attractive (so girls say)
Clothes: Soviet Navy Uniform
Job: Nuclear Submarine Commander
Personality: Shy, Friendly, Extremely patriotic, Generous, Ingenuous and Loyal, Stutterer (when nervous)
(Heavy russian accent

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Wednesday, January 8th 2014, 12:31am

That's it comrades. Open the hatch! all non essential hand on deck. Let's make an impression. Raise our colours!
Comrade captain are you sure this is a good idea? We could start a war!

Nonsense Vasily, We are showing ourselves. And we did not attack them. Their vigilance failed. We will show them once and for all that we can invade them anytime we want! Right comrades? Long live the New Soviet Union!
(crew cheering)
Now as I said, to the deck.
(on deck...)
Hello there young girl! I yell with heavy russian accent to a girl holding a small aircraft carrier toy
No answer
Hello I said! Young girl?
The girl seems to be getting bigger... that's odd
Young girl?! Oi!
Bigger, and bigger. Closer and closer...
My God! My eyes seem to be tricking me... Vasily? Vasily?!
Vasily is staring at the girl with his binoculars, pale and in terror

Alexei... I mean... comrade captain, t-that ship... is not a toy... Is a real aircraft carrier. Comrade captain... I - I - I... don't know what to do? the man looks at me with desperation on his eyes, desperately sweating on his black wool uniform and bear skin ushanka, under the sun, as I and everyone else We didn't come prepared for this hot weather.
Full stop!
What to do... what to do...
Inform Moscow about the girls. Ask for instructions.
A few moments later...
Comrade captain, Moscow ORDER us to proceed. "Not return without accomplish mission", I repeat "Not return without accomplish mission"
I walk up and down the deck, biting my fingernails.
All right. Let us proceed. 1/2 thrust forward

Wait! I know that one! I say pointing
You know of them Alexei?... I mean captain?!
Yes from the computer!
You have clearance to a computer?!
I look at him asking him to shut up
Ok... I understand. I won't tell
If I could only remember her name... Sasha?, Sammy... Sassy?... S... something american names are too strange. Let's try contact now. fire a flare. And make it a red one
I say with a grin

Age: 28
Height: 187cm
Hair: brown
Eyes: Blue
Look: Handsomely sexy and attractive (so girls say)
Clothes: Soviet Navy Uniform
Job: Nuclear Submarine Commander
Personality: Shy, Friendly, Extremely patriotic, Generous, Ingenuous and Loyal, Stutterer (when nervous)
(Heavy russian accent


Wednesday, January 8th 2014, 7:46pm

Crash and his three team mates infiled back into New Dystopia early that morning via driving and had just arrived at their apartment safe house where they had begun prepping their gear and going over the hit they were about to do. Anarchy was proceeding to go over the plan when his cell phone rang, he answered the phone, he didn't say much just mainly listened then he quickly hung up the phone and looked out of the window of the safehouse, which had a great view of the beach and the ocean, with the spotting scope they had set up for survailence. Crash watched him frantically scanning the ocean and then he suddenly stopped, "Soviet sub at heading 132 degrees at 17 klicks from the window" he said with some worry in his voice, "WHAT!" Crash yelled and ran over to look threw the scope, "How the fuck did they get that close and why are they waiving that flag, are they trying to start a war" Crash said "Well since Russia is know for its brute force methods and not so much for its military tactics i guess that is a possibility but i don't think they would send just one sub unless an entire fleet is behind that thing then we might have a problem" Dusty said glancing out the window, "And what the hell are they gonna do it took the Russians two wars to over throw Chechnya and that country is smaller then the state of Texas and they still don't have control of it." Deuce chimed in. The group stood there and stared out of the window for a moment "So what do we do boss" Dusty said looking at Anarchy, "We go answer the door because someone's knocking on it" Anarchy said, "The team the ripped us out from watching the girls has been pulled over to the bulkhead, we're gonna go be the meet and greet team, our orders are to approach peacefully as to not start a conflict so weapons on safe and slung for now Echo team is setting in a zodiac for us to drive out to the sub" Anarchy is cut off by a red flair being shot into the air from the sub, "Lets go" Anarchy said slightly worried and the four of them put on there kit, ran out of the apartment and where now speeding towards the beach in their car.
Name: Crash

Age: 26

Hight: 6' 0"


Hair/Beard: Brownish red

From: Ireland


Tuesday, February 25th 2014, 3:07am

Friends, Humans, and Scarlett:
Lend me your ears!

I hereby call an intermission in this, the Beach Party RP, until such time as the Explorers RP is concluded.

The Explorers RP precedes this one and events in that RP will affect what happens here in the Beach Party.
Therefore, we must let the plot unfold there, and come to its conclusion, before restarting this thread.

So: Go and take part in the Explorers RP, or merely watch and be entertained thereby, until this Beach Party is reopened sometime in February, when the action will resume early in the morning, in the Drenic's tent, and elsewhere as appropriate.

Thank you.
The Beach RP will resume on Tuesday, February 25, early morning Central European Time.
Plot action will start from where it left off in the Explorers RP.



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Tuesday, February 25th 2014, 10:04pm

*Ring* *Ri-* The doorbell didn't even finish the second ring as Etrius Cross Walker opened the door within a heartbeat revealing his new friend, Victor Jay Lucas. They stared at each other for about a minute before Victor said four words that sent Etrius's heart pumping: "She's at the beach." Instantly, Etrius ran from the doorway, and straight to his room, while Victor waited at the door. In exactly two minutes later, Etrius sprinted to the doorway, grabbed Victor on the way out, and shouted as loud as he could "I'm coming, Julia!"

Note: I know this is pretty short but this is my first RP ever, and I hope I can improve on my RPing soon to be more descriptive and more... unique, to say the least. Until then, I hope you guys can give me some support.

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Wednesday, February 26th 2014, 3:16am

For Darien the day started off well enough, needless to say it began with pain. A lot of pain. He tried sitting up in his bed only for every muscles in his body to seize up and he fell back down on his pillow. What the hell? What did I do yesterday? In an instant the memory of being kicked into the air only to land safely, albit forcefully, onto Scarlett's boot flashed through his head. Looking back the image seemed so rediculous Darien laughed out loud at himself.

Well, I knew I'd be feeling this in the morning. He laughed some more. I need a freaking vacation.

The beach sounded good in his head so Darien literally forced himself to get out of bed. Then he spent about a half hour performing a mixture of yoga and ancient tai chi movements to help ease his stiff joints. Basically it was all just a bunch of typical athletic stretches that he made look kung fu-ish. Afterwards it was just a matter of a good breakfast and a questionable dosage of painkillers before Darien was feeling fresh as ever.

He didn't really put much thought into what to wear. He just threw on a shirt and an old pair of jeans, complete with his iconic hat and duster. Then he headed for the door and stopped in his tracks, taking another good look at himself. I can't go to the beach wearing this. People'll think I'm weird. So he removed his duster, took off the T-shirt, and put his duster back on. Much better. He left the duster open, leaving his upper body visible.

Now Darien was no weight lifter, unlike his friends Mark Benton and Jude. As a matter of fact he didn't even go to a gym, but he did excersize enough to keep himself tone. Growing up in the city he grew up in it was generally beneficial if you were in good enough shape to either fight or run.

But today he didn't plan on doing any of that. As a matter of fact he left his cane in his room and double checked his pockets. No swords, no knives, no weapons of any kind. Just a normal, relaxing day at the beach. The one thing he did take with him was his acoustic guitar. Darien was relatively poor so as a means of making a little extra spending money he'll take his guitar out to the park and play publicly for anyone passing by and they oblige by giving him a dollar or two. He'd never played at the beach so this was the perfect chance for him to play for people who've never heard him before. He slung his guitar onto his back, slipped on some beach flip flops, and headed for his car for what he hoped would be a nice day off.
Age: 18
Height: 5'7, more tone less muscular
Appearance: Caucasian, dark brown eyes, jet black hair.
Clothing: sneakers, jeans, t-shirt, black leather duster, and his signature hat.
Personality: easy going, friendly. Always calm, cool, and collected
Strengths: guitarist, knife fighter, works well under pressure.
Weaknesses: large crowds, martial arts, his family.

Mark Benton

Senior Staff Manager

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Wednesday, February 26th 2014, 6:58pm

Note: This post continues from Post #114 in the Explorers RP.

As the cab rolls through the streets of the city the early morning traffic is just beginning to move. It's almost five a.m. and so the commuters are not yet our, but trucks are making deliveries. The early morning dusk is quiet and the stars are still out, but it's getting light in the east. As predicted, the weather is calm, after yesterday's storm passed.

i call my friend Jim DeRossi, the balloonist:
Jim, good morning!
Mark! How are you? Are you still in the hospital?
No, I was discharged about half an hour ago. I still have a bandage over the wound site, but I'm feeling fine. I'll tell you about it later. Where are you?
I'm in the park, setting up my balloon. A few others have arrived and more are expected, maybe up to fifty!
Fifty! That's great! It'll be a fantastic show! Just make sure they set up off to the sides of the park, away from the tent entrance. We don't want any accidents when the girls leave the tent in a few hours.
Oh, right. I'll make sure there's a clear path. We'll just stay away from where there are lots of, ummm, footprints.
Right. I'm going to drop by my house first to change and pick up a few items. Too bad my ultralight is history.
Hehe, I heard about that. Is that how you met Scarlett?
Yes, totally unplanned, but it turned out okay in the end.

The cab arrives at my house.
Hey Jim, I just got home, so I'll see you later, in a couple hours, okay? We need to be ready, balloons in the air, by 8:30.
No problem. We'll have dozens in the air by then.
All right. Bye!

I pay the cabbie and walk up to my house with a bit of trepidation. The last time I came home, I was also returning from the hospital, and when I opened the front door, I found my place had been broken into. It was a complete mess, but only a few items had been missing. I put the key in the lock and turn the knob and hold my breath . . . the door swings in and I flip on the lights . . . nothing! It's just as I left it, a couple days ago. I let out a little sigh of relief. Thank god! Whoever they were, they didn't come back. I recall the man from Treasury questioning my in the hospital almost a week ago. Then the incident on the train on the way to CanyonRidge . . . "Overcoat Man" . . . Strat and my fight with him . . . the damned ring . . . Scarlett and Sally's catfight . . . my almost suicide jump from Janine's hand into Scarlett's hair, and how she caught me in her hand when I couldn't hold on any longer. Lying there in her hand, her huge blue eyes looking down at me . . . suddenly realizing I didn't die after all.
I snap out of it, and get to work. I get dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, with my swim trunks on underneath. I take a small day bag and put some items in it, including sunscreen and a towel and some bottles of water. Then i go out into the garage where my ultralight used to be kept and retrieve my parachute from its locker. It's the kind that you can 'fly' by tugging on ropes at the corners, so you don't just fall straight down, you can fly and turn a bit as you glide down. I get a small smoke flare and stuff it in my day bag. I return to the house, a nice little wooden bungalow, and take out the parachute in the living room and examine it, just to be sure. It looks fine, and I repack it carefully. Then I have some breakfast and throw my stuff in my car and drive to the park, arriving just before 7:30.

Jim's bright orange balloon is already inflated, but still tied to the ground, and I drive over to him. There are dozens of ballons scattered around the park, in various states of preparation. Some are still deflated, some are being inflated with big air blowers, and others have their burners on already and are being filled with hot air. Some, like Jim's, are fully inflated with hot air and ready for launch.
Good morning, Jim! This is going to be quite a show!
Yes indeed! I think there are 49 balloons here, and lots of media too, as you can see!

I look around, and sure enough, there are many news vans scattered amongst the balloons, with their satellite antenna masts up. Camera crews are wandering around the park, interviewing the balloonists.
I think some of our balloonists will take some of the camera operators up with them, to get some spectacular video. I think you big girl will like that, for sure.
Heheh, yes, she will! That's just what I wanted, and they're doing it for free!
I see you brought your chute.
Yes, when we go up, I want to be able to fly down on my own.
Well that's fine. I've set up near the tent entrance, so when she comes out, we'll be up in the air close by her.

Jim gets on his two-way handheld, and talks to one of the other balloonists, then looks back at me.
They're still setting up as you can see. But we should be ready by quarter after eight, to launch all the balloons. When I give the signal, we'll launch, and the music will start, he says, nodding ot the bandshell in the park. The New Dystopia Pops are setting up in the bandshell, and I can see the shiny brass instruments glinting in the lights even from half a mile away.

Time to message Tristen:
My friend, are you ready? Did you bring your special Ebon Wolf glasses? I'm in the orange balloon near the tent entrance.
Then I send messages to Darien and Goto:
I'm in the park at the orange balloon near the tent entrance, fyi. This should be fun!

By a few minutes after eight o'clock, all the balloons are filled with hot air, and straining at their moorings. The weather is calm, perfect for ballooning, as the sun rises in the early morning sky. They look like a field of giant flowers, or upside down raindrops, in all the colors of the rainbow. I think what they will look like to Scarlett: Tiny colored bubbles, floating in the morning air, with little flames beneath each one, flashing on and off as their pilots control their altitudes. I take my binoculars and look at the baskets, and see that several of the closer ones have TV cameramen in them, and it makes me smile.
Name: Mark Benton
Age: 32
Height: 5ft 11.5in
Build: 200lb, muscular
Look: Green eyes, dark wavy hair, light tan
Dress: Black leather jacket, v-neck tee or dress shirt, jeans, leather shoes
Occupation: Asst. Professor, Applied Physics


Friday, February 28th 2014, 2:06am

I open my eyes to darkness, and when I yawn, I can feel two tiny somethings on my sensitive nips.
Goto! Kara!!
I look down at my chest, and smile.
My beautiful little man!
I glance around, and the others are still asleep. But I hear tiny voices outside, and some activity.
If I'm quiet, I should be able to get up and peek outside to see what's going on.
I pull myself up in bed and gently slip my fingers beneath my bra, searching for tiny Kara clinging to my right nipple.
There she is!
As my fingers close gently around her, she begins to squirm, and I carefully withdraw her from her warm sleeping place and bring her up to my lips, and give her a soft little kiss.
I'm sorry if I woke you, tiny friend, I whisper as quietly as I can. Then I put her down above my right breast, and reach for Goto.
As my fingers find him, clinging to my left nipple, his tiny squirms remind me how tiny and helpless he is. But he's brave and beautiful, too.
I lift him to my lips and give him a long, soft, warm kiss, and his tiny motions tell me he is kissing me back. I pull him away and raise him to my right eye and look at his tiny, muscular body in the dim dawn light.
My beautiful little man, I love you, I whisper to him quietly. Then I put him down in my left palm, and reach down and pluck up Kara and put her in my palm too.
My curiosity is piqued, and I carefully crawl out of my sleeping bag and tiptoe over to the tent flap and peek outside.
Oh wow! I exclaim in a whisper. Stretchiing out away from the tent, are dozens of what appear to be tiny camps of humans. Each camp appears to have trucks or trailers and other equipment, and some of them have tiny colored bubbles tied to the ground. I lift my hand up to just beneath my chin, and push it through the tent flap a bit, so Goto and Kara can see the scene.
Look at all those little colored bubbles! I say in a hushed voice, looking down at Goto and Kara in my palm.

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Friday, February 28th 2014, 4:15pm

Rolling around in my sleep, dreaming about what had happened the night before as a smile comes across my face in my slumber. The images of Scarlett's towering form stretching out before me like a warm and soft landscape fill my mind as I think back to all the places she let met explore. Everything from her ample chest all the way down to her flawless toes and everywhere between. I sigh softly as I got to finally see every last possible inch of the girl who has been gracefully walking through my dreams since the very moment I saw her. Suddenly I awake in a dark place, my eyes can't see anything but I feel the softness of the fabric that is under me as I remember she placed me in her jewelry box after such an eventful evening. Sitting up from my slumber I do my usual routine after waking, I stretch my arms out with a small sigh and run my hands through my hair to try and clean it up a little bit from it's obvious messiness. I hear the sound of breathing coming from another side of the box, knowing that must be Gabriel as light suddenly fills in what used to be a dark void. Looking up I see the stunning face of Scarlett looking down at both of us she smiles down at us. The light nearly blinds me but I quickly rub my eyes as they adjust and Scarlett speaks down to us in her usual sweet and sensual way. "Hello, boys. Ready for a big day?" I look up at her a smile of excitement on my face as I nod, my mind picturing her in her swimwear as her beauty eclipses everything as I'm sure many spectators will be staring in awe at her. "Of course Scarlett darling, how could we not be ready for such a wonderful day at the beach?? But appears that I don't have any swim wear.." I say up to her as I realize I'm still in the clothes I was wearing before, which are most certainly not swim wear..hopefully I can somehow get back to my home and get a pair of swim shorts for today's festivities down at the beach..
Name: Jayson "Jay" Levitt

Age: 18
Height 5'7
Physique: Some Muscle tone/Athletic build
Weight: 205lbs
Hair/Eyes: Curly brown/Hazel
Personality: Kind of quiet at first but becomes more outgoing as you get to know him

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Saturday, March 1st 2014, 7:50pm

After a long flight to New dystopia and a few pleasant hours sleep at
the hotel I'm rested and even the jetlag has disappeared. I made the
trip after I had left my girlfriend. I just had to get away, just get
out of the everyday life, experience something new and try to forget.

even in germany was reported about the arrivial of the giant girls and after had seen them in tv i thought

`that must be fate that they arrive at the same time on our world, at the same time where I must pursue a new life cycle`

with this thought is switched the tv in my hotel room on and flicked a
little through the programms. then suddenly i stop switching as i saw
the girls on the news.

`they are on the way to the beach!!!`

as fast as i can I get dressed, grab a few beach things and call the reception

" i need a taxi to the beach, now!!!"

during the taxi ride some doubt comes over me

`what if the girls are too busy to meet me, what if they don`t like or even notice me`

with this feelings i finally arrive the beach and quickly find a good
place. there are only a few people here good place there are only a few
people here in the early morning

`thats increase my chances that they will notice me`

i sit down on my towel, cream me and start to wait for the girls. :whistling:

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