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Hello Giantess - and especially,
Ashley - Fans!

The release of the newest episode in the GatC universe has come. It's another event-chapter and those will deal, like the Scarlet stories, with happenings of our favorite girls here on earth before the departure. I thought it will be a good thing to give Ashley more screen time - the rest of the princess party club got some chapters too.

And here is how it will work: There will be six episodes (all of them minimum 200 pictures) with different scenarios and ongoing story. Each episode will deal how Ashley imagines a perfect date with her boyfriend Tristen - Greetings btw, hope you like your appearance - and how it would really be. Not as naive and perfect as Ashley would like to want it, that's for sure.

The first episode will be about a perfect date in a drive-inn cinema. Popcorn and a good movie, sounds perfect. But if you are almost 3000ft tall this could get difficult. And sometimes you will not like what you will hear and see from other peoples - and also what you discover about yourself. That's why I called the episode "A tale of two Ashleys". Why? Find it out by yourself - maybe you will see Ashley from a different angle after you have seen all of (almost) 300 pictures, including (mild) crush, size comparision, PoV and of course lot of cute Ashley moments but also one or two surprises.

Download it here!


Three days of christmas - Part 4!

Finally the last part is online, starring two giantesses who didn't get much attention in the comics so far. But it's also the shortest part. I appologize for that but I simply ran out of time and ideas. Okay... it was only the time :D

Nevertheless I hope you enjoy the comic and leave massive comments on the forum! Thank you all and download it here!


Three days of christmas - Part 3!

And another part! I have to confess that I'm still working on them. It's like laying rails in front of a rolling train! But I hope it's worth it and you have fun with the new part! Click here to download it.

And the best thing: there's still one part to come!

P.S.: It seems there were some technical problems during the export of Volume 2! The "sound effects" weren't embedded into the pictures. I fixed the problem now, so if you want to have those little extra effects please re-download part 2 here.


Three days of christmas - Part 2!

The next part of the comic is now available for download! See one of the girls as you never seen her before! Or even expected it!

Click here to get the new amazing volume!


Three days of christmas!

Ladies and gentlemen, it's been almost half a year since the last comic shown on this page. But now I managed to finally produce the next chapter of the comic! And it's been a pain in the ass to be honest. My job kept me from doing it most of the time and the software did its best to drive me crazy sometimes. But now it's done and it got REALLY big! And it finally contains the one thing so many users wanted so badly! But I wont tell too much, just download the comic here and enjoy!

And to make the whole thing even better: this is just the first part! During the next 3 days I will release one part a day! C'mon, that's a nice christmas-present, isn't it? Merry christmas to you all!


Youtube Channel!

Ladies and Gentlemen. The Team of Giants and the City is proudly presenting the official YouTube channel. Watch the comics as Full HD movies easyly on YouTube without any download! Over the time we'll upload more and more videos till the whole stuff is up and running! Go to the new video & media section or click here to get right to the videos! And don't forget to subscribe!

In addition the PoseMe Feature is now available for you to watch without searching for the numbers! Enjoy the hidden pictures with great giantess-content now on YouTube only!

Thank you all!


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